Thermocouple Tips and Lances

Single Use Lances


SYSCON Sensors™ single-use lances are designed for severe applications in foundries and steel mills. These lances provide a stable trace in deep immersions and thick slag conditions in both furnaces and ladles. They will protect and extend the life of the lance hardware and thereby reduce lance changes.

Our single-use lances are manufactured with quality materials including a ceramic body, thick-wall convoluted tube and a heavy protection cap. Read more…

Multi-Dip Thermocouple Tips


The Multi-Dip Thermocouple can be used with or without a heat shield. The Big Multi-Dip Thermocouple with 3″ sleeve does not require a heat shield. Its ceramic shield will protect the contact block and lead wire from overheating and will extend the life of the thermocouple lance. Read more…

Multi-Use Lances


Multi-Use Lances are used in foundry equipment—including Furnaces, Ladles and Cupolas—where accurate temperature readings of molten metal are required.

Our specially formulated ceramic non-splash sleeve material is designed to stop splashing and extend the number of dips when used in a slag-free environment. The unique combination of ceramic and the high-density paper tube keeps the contact block and lead wire cooler for better trace quality and longer pole life. Read more…