Syscon Sensors: New North American Supplier of Molten Metal Sensors and Instrumentation

SYSCON International, Inc. has launched their newest division: SYSCON Sensors. “We’re not really new,” said Townsend Thomas, President of SYSCON International. “Foundries around the world have been using our products for years.” SYSCON International has manufactured molten metal temperature measuring and analysis instruments for the Asian market and private-label customers in the USA since 1975. SYSCON International formed SYSCON Sensors to service foundries and steel manufacturing plants in the United States, Canada and Mexico. These facilities have had fewer choices for quality products at competitive pricing due to the reduction of the number of suppliers through acquisitions.

SYSCON Sensors was able to draw on SYSCON International’s strong background in molten metal instruments and their superior engineering capabilities in the design and manufacturing of the microprocessor-based instruments and sensors—SYSCON International has a family of successful technology-based products for manufacturers, including MTFocus and SYSCON-PlantStar. Mr. Thomas also assembled a marketing team of foundry experts that understand and appreciate the needs of the industry.

Advantages of a North American Supplier
“Given our central location in the United States, we can ship quickly and provide great customer service,” said Mr. Thomas. “And because we’re the manufacturer, our prices are competitive and we have complete control over the quality.” The company plans to quickly expand its offerings of immersion and expendable thermocouple lances and tips, hardware, and lance replacement parts. SYSCON Sensors also repairs and calibrates most brands of molten metal temperature measuring instruments.

  • SYSCON Sensors’ Product Line
    Thermal analysis sampling cups –
    Metacup™ CE – (without tellurium) for the carbon equivalent determination of cast iron. Metacup™ C – (with tellurium) for the reliable thermal analysis reading of Carbon Equivalent, Carbon and Silicon in Cast Iron
  • Single-use lances for deep immersions and thick slag conditions
  • Multi-dip thermocouple tips that can be used with or without a heat shield
  • Multi-use lances with a specially formulated ceramic non-splash sleeve for multiple dips
  • Hand-held and wall-mounted digital pyrometers for the measurement of molten Steel, Bronze, Cast Iron, Aluminum Alloys, Copper, Gold, Brass and Silver