Thermocouple Tips and Lances

MUL™ Multi-Use Lances

Multi-Use Lances
Multi-Use Lances are used in foundry equipment—including Furnaces, Ladles and Cupolas—where accurate temperature readings of molten metal are required. Our specially formulated ceramic non-splash sleeve material is designed to stop splashing and extend the number of dips when used in a slag-free environment. The unique combination of ceramic and the high-density paper tube keeps the contact block and lead wire cooler for better trace quality and longer pole life.


• ± 2˚F / ± 1˚C accuracy
• Can be used multiple times in slag-free conditions
• For most furnace, cupola and ladle applications
• Designed for Iron, Steel, Copper, Bronze and Aluminum
• Compatible with most hardware and instrument systems on the market today
• Economically priced
• Quick shipping
• Manufactured under strict ISO 9001:2000 Quality Standard

Part Numbers

MUL-10-6  – 6” Multi-Use Lance, Type S T/C IPTS 68
MUL-10-8  – 8” Multi-Use Lance, Type S T/C IPTS 68
MUL-10-12  – 12” Multi-Use Lance, Type S T/C IPTS 68