About SYSCON Sensors

SYSCON Sensors, a premier provider of molten metal temperature probes, is the newest division of SYSCON International, Inc. SYSCON International has been manufacturing molten metal temperature probes and analysis instruments for the Asian market and private-label customers in the USA since 1975. The new division was launched to service North American foundries and steel manufacturing plants. These facilities have had fewer choices for quality products at competitive pricing because of the reduction of molten metal sensor companies through acquisitions in North America.

Due to its relationship with SYSCON International, SYSCON Sensors has a strong background in molten metal instruments and its new product line will be an asset to the industry. SYSCON Sensors also benefits from SYSCON International’s superior design engineering capabilities—SYSCON International has launched a family of successful technology-based products for manufacturers. SYSCON Sensors offers these additional advantages:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Fast shipping
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Availability of lance replacement parts